Why Do Cats Love Small Hiding Spots?

Cats love small spots.

Have you ever thought your cat was lost, and you looked high and low for minutes or hours to no avail? Maybe you even wondered if you had an escapee on your hands and went outside to call and look under bushes, only to come in and see your dear kitty saunter in, yawning, from an unknown tiny hiding spot?

Or have you ever tossed a small box on the floor and giggled as your kitty tried to stuff his entire body into it, even though he didn't fit at all?

Why do cats like small spaces so much?

Small Spaces Provide Great Observation Posts

In the wild, cats are hunters, and in the desert or on the plains, there aren't always a lot of ways to sneak up on prey. As a result, they became great at concealing their bodies in tiny spots from which they could peek out and observe without being noticed.

Our housecats still love to engage in that pastime—sitting somewhere they can't be readily noticed and peeking out of or around it at housemates going about their day. And if you get too close to the hiding spot, your feet might get pounced on by a wily hunter!

Small Spaces Are Warm

Cats love to be warm. Many of them enjoy curling up in a sunbeam for a nap. Others like to lie right on heat registers. Most of them can often be found curled up into a tiny ball, conserving their body heat by wrapping their tail around their body and over their nose.

A small box or another type of container can help conserve even more warmth and allow your kitty to bask in heat and have a nice, comfortable nap.

Small Spaces Help with Stress

Getting into a hidey-hold can be soothing for a kitty. They probably feel like they can't be attacked as easily while they're concealed like that. In fact, cats in shelters often do much better when they are provided with a box or some other type of hiding spot inside their cage than when they aren't.

When something stressful is going on in the home, like a party, remodeling, or a new pet has been introduced, having little hiding spots for your cat to take advantage of can really help him adjust.

What Types of Small Spots Do Cats Like?

Cats can create their own small space by getting into a corner, under a bed, or behind furniture. But we can also provide our cats with some awesome small spots. Cardboard boxes work great because they're insulating and cats can even scratch at them, further relieving stress without damaging items in your home.

Cat Caves are fantastic hiding spots for cats, and they can be added décor for your home too.

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