Why Cats Are Great Cuddlers

Cats make great cuddlers because they’re warm.

Do you like cuddling? If you do, and you are wondering what type of creature is the best in the world for cuddling with, we have the answer.


Cats Are Great Cuddlers Because They're Warm

Nothing is better than curling up with another warm body for a snuggle. Cats fit the bill here because their normal body temperature is higher than humans'. When you have a cat on your lap or curled up by your head in bed, you have a constant heat source radiating at you. It's lovely.

Cats Are Expert Cuddlers Because They Purr

Cat purrs are almost magical in their ability to soothe a human's frayed nerves. Not only that, but they might actually have healing properties for your body. Learn more here: "Why Do Cats Purr?"

Your cuddle time with a cat is made that much more relaxing when she is purring. Some cats will purr automatically when they are on a lap; others can be induced to do so with some gentle stroking.

Kitty Muffin-Making Is Precious

Cats often knead their front paws when they're feeling content. They move them rhythmically back and forth. It's really sweet, and it can be relaxing for you, too. You might just want to put a Muffin Blanket on your lap first, so those sharp claws don't prick your leg. Learn more here: "What's up with Cat Kneading?"

Cat Cuddling Is Good for Cats and People

Cuddling is good for cats and humans. It can help reduce stress hormones and decrease blood pressure. People who interact with pets have stronger immune systems and recover from medical procedures more quickly.

Cat Not a Cuddler?

Do you have a cat that doesn't really like to lie on your lap? There may be some things you can do to encourage her to become a cuddler. Learn about them here: "How to Create a Kitty Cuddler."

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