Supplies Needed for Senior Cats

See what supplies an older cat might need.

Caring for a senior cat, whether you've had him since kittenhood or are adopting him as an elder, requires that you have a few items on hand to make life easier for both of you. Look at this list to see if you have everything.

Extra Soft Cat Beds

Cats might develop aches and pains in their muscles and joints as they age and having beds with extra cushions can help them stay more comfortable. You can either get some beds that have lots of cushion built in or use layers to create extra softness. Using layers, like several Muffin Blankets, can be great because it allows for easier cleaning if there's an accident. You can just remove the top layer for washing, and your kitty won't have to give up the whole bed while it washes and dries.

Special Litter Box

Many litter boxes have high sides. This can be great for keeping litter inside the box but might be hard for an older cat to climb in and out of.

You can buy a special litter box with a low door cut out, cut one yourself, or use a shallow sweater box for litter. If you're worried about litter escaping the shallower areas, try litter mats around that area.

Ramps or Stairs

Your kitty might not want to do as much jumping as he gets older as he did as a younger cat. Stairs or ramps can help him get up onto his favorite bed, couch, or windowsill.

A Nice, Soft Brush

Older cats might need more brushing than younger cats because they tend to self-groom less as they age. Plus, being brushed feels good, removes dead hair so your elder cat won't ingest as much (which can lead to hairballs), and helps stimulate blood flow in the skin.

You might need to try a few brushes to find one that's the right size, shape, and bristle softness for your cat's haircoat.

CET Chews

It's crucial to do what you can to maintain your cat's dental health as he gets older. Ideally, he will let you brush his teeth with a soft brush and some feline-specific toothpaste, but if he hasn't been trained for that, it might be hard to get him to accept it once he's older.

CET chews, which are specially designed to help rub off plaque and stimulate blood flow to the gums, can help with dental care somewhat. Ask your vet for more specific recommendations.


Just because your kitty is older and spends less time playing doesn't mean he wants to give up that pastime completely. Play is great for a senior cat's mental and physical health. You just might need to work harder to entice your older cat to play than you would a younger one.

Wand toys can still be great, but you might need to move them more slowly and keep them on the ground so your older cat doesn't have to jump much. If your cat likes catnip, catnip-stuffed toys can be enjoyable, and if not, you can try honeysuckle toys.

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